Woman/White Dress/Intervention 

Kearny @ Sutter St. 12 noon 
c.1979 (Sequential)
35mm color reversal film 

Performer: Amy Wyman

Walking Up the Stairs Performance I

San Francisco, CA, 1980

Walking Up the Stairs Performance II

San Francisco, CA, 1980

Walking in the Hallway Performance

San Francisco, CA, 1980

Study For Walking (After Muybridge) 

c. 1981

Performance x2: Markings | A Very Good Whistler




Untitled Studio Performance

San Francisco, CA, 1981

Untitled Man (Sequential) Performance, Photo Booth

San Francisco, CA, 1982

Piss Performance (Berlin Wall)

Berlin, Germany, 1982

Untitled Performance

Kassel, Germany, 1982

Untitled Performance

Krefeld, Germany, 1982

Untitled Performance (Sequential), with flashlights and Intervention footage

San Francisco, CA, 1982

Social Intercourse

San Francisco, CA, 1983

Performance Stills from La Mécanique

Death Valley, CA, 1986

La Mécanique

La Mécanique was the third of three films that comprised the trilogy L'Opera; Tempter's Challenge and Aria making up the first and second films. View all three here.

Apparatus for Living in a Constant State of Desire

San Francisco, CA, 1989